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A Journal about the experiences I have developing little applications in C#, Perl, Html and Javascript and talking about things new things that I use. Always Geeky; Always Nerdy; Always poor Grammer!

I am a Software Analyst Developer working in Southport, England but living in Liverpool. I develop mainly in C# and ASP.Net. I have been developing comercial software for several years now. I maintain this site (hosted at SwitchMedia UK) as a way of exploring new technologies (such as AJAX) and just generally talking about techie geek issues. This site is developed through a host of Perl scripts and a liberal use of Javascript. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and anything that I make I host here.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Successes of my first AJAX Application: Part 6 - The things I talk about

I have been thinking for a long time about what I want to include in this Blog. I have several concerns. Firstly the name of the Blog "C#, .Net Framework" I believe limits the scope of the blog. I shouldn’t really be talking about what I am now, technically. I think I might change the name of the blog into something a little more generic, but at the same time it will have a larger target area for audience attraction. The Blog will stay technical; I will try not to include personal entries into it, but I want to have a broader scope to the Blog. Over the past month or so, I have been Blogging about Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), AJAX, Firefox, XMLHttpRequest and much more. I still have plenty to talk about though including current technical news, image manipulation (I did a fisheye effect a while back)

I will, in the future, change the name of the blog. But rather than choosing it myself I might open it up to the masses to see if they can suggest a new name for the blog. This might in the long term be a publicity stunt, but I do need to get people visiting my blog and I would like to get a little more interaction in the blog.

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