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Monday, November 07, 2005

Google Search: perl c# comparison

Another search that I have noticed that has been passed to my site was "perl c# comparison", I would assume that the person that asked this was trying to compare the languages and not how c# and perl perform comparisons.

My take on this would be that I don't really think that the two are even slightly similar in sytanx, semantics or even intended use. The only thing that I have found in common is the use of the ";" to signify the end of the line.

  • The OO implementation is not similar, C# is strictly Object Orientated, whilst I think that Perl was not and is not intended to be OO (I know a lot of people will disagree with me). I just don't think Perl's OO functionality is that intuative, it is like Javascripts OO: Obtuse!
  • C# has a very strict and highly developed Framework that can be used from the start, Perl has lots of modules that you have to install, by default though you would do everything yourself.
  • The semantics in C# are stricter, that is you can may tend to do things in one way, other people would tend to do it the same way too. In Perl at least it seems to me that you can do everything many many ways, which a lot of people like because one person doesn't code the same as another; it is not forced on you.
  • Perl has Regex's built in to the language, in C# Regex's are an object that you construct etc.

I use perl because I can do a lot of work quickly in it, and my site is based on a Linux server. I use C# because I like the langague and it is my job.

There are many more reasons that the languages are completly different. This was my take.

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