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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Amazons Associate Scheme

You may have noticed that my blog has related Amazon books for a particular post. Each of these books are hooked up to my Amazon Associates account. The intention is to provide my readers with books that might interest them and also then to make a little bit of money from the referal to Amazon.

I have had one referal [Thank you to who ever that was, I appreciate it].

My Question is:
  1. Do you [the readers] like this information that is attached to each post?
  2. Would you consider a book that I have recommended?
  3. What would make you more likely to buy the book?
  4. Is it clear that there is a seperation between the UK Amazon site and the US Amazon site?
I am asking this, because one of the Stats that I have seen recently that has been published is that 4% of visitors to a site would 6% of the time buy a product.

During the beta, visitors to Associate sites who viewed a product preview
clicked through to Amazon.com over 4% of the time; those clicks resulted in a
purchase nearly 6% of the time

Through deduction then, this means that 0.24% of visitors will buy a product.

Is this really worth it, for the amount of Advertising Amazon will receive from me.

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