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Friday, February 10, 2006

Microsoft Feed Manager Events Example

Thanks to Matt Dotson, who gave some code up on GotdotNet that shows how to get the GetWatcher in the Feed Management Api to work.

I had a problem the other day with it. I couldn't get the Watcher attached to the feed. It was a simple casting problem and my misunderstanding of Interop.

Here is my code

FeedsManagerClass fmc = new FeedsManagerClass();
IFeed f = (IFeed) fmc.GetFeed("Internet Explorer Team Blog");
IFeedEvents_Event ife = (IFeedEvents_Event) f.GetWatcher(FEEDS_EVENTS_SCOPE.FES_ALL, FEEDS_EVENTS_MASK.FEM_FEEDEVENTS );
ife.FeedItemCountChanged += new IFeedEvents_FeedItemCountChangedEventHandler(ife_FeedItemCountChanged);
ife.FeedDownloadCompleted += new IFeedEvents_FeedDownloadCompletedEventHandler(ife_FeedDownloadCompleted);

Now my code works. I was casting to an FeedsWatcherClass rather than the IFeedEvents_Event interface.

Silly me.

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