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I am a Software Analyst Developer working in Southport, England but living in Liverpool. I develop mainly in C# and ASP.Net. I have been developing comercial software for several years now. I maintain this site (hosted at SwitchMedia UK) as a way of exploring new technologies (such as AJAX) and just generally talking about techie geek issues. This site is developed through a host of Perl scripts and a liberal use of Javascript. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and anything that I make I host here.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

DS outselling PSP 6 to 1 (almost 7 to 1)

This week's sales figures show the PSP continuing to wither away.

All I can say is Good. I have no idea what it is, but I really dislike sony and their products. I don't think I have a reason too, I just do.

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You don't like the Walkman, Discman, Viao PCs, Grand Wega HDTV? Or is it just PlayStation Brand stuff?

By TreyTable, at Saturday, April 22, 2006 10:13:00 PM

Walkman - No
Discman - Unoriginal, if I am correct it was just a portable CD player when portable CD players were already commong.
Viao PC's - expensive and overrated, the screens are pretty crisp though.
Grand Wega HDTV, not convinved.

However, I think it is the cost of the brand that gets me the most.

As for the playstation, I can't belive that they get away with what they get away with. The PS2 was really in my eyes a generational increase of the PS1 that everybody bought in to. As for the PS3, I really hope they suprise me, but I can't see it doing too well if the price predictions are correct (Sony may have a surprise up thier sleve) and all this Blu-Ray rubbish is starting to get on my nerves. I can't see that taking off. Hopefully they will be the BetaMax! :)

By Paul Kinlan, at Sunday, April 23, 2006 9:25:00 AM

Whelll I`m m with you Fck Sony ... I ve a 3000$ Sony Vaio Laptop and a PSP... Their costumer support just suck they re a bunge of bastards... and they just want 1000$ for a new Screen and 300$ for a new hardrive the screen sure my fault the harddrive is supposed to be covered by the Warranty and guess what they told me that if I would pay the total ammount of reparation costs they will try and I say again TRY to rapair it without any kind of warrantys... I Defenetly prefer to pay 1300$ for a new laptop or just give that money to a Big Black Guy just to kick some Ass's on sony... I bet that would be fun....

By Anonymous, at Tuesday, January 02, 2007 6:30:00 PM