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I am a Software Analyst Developer working in Southport, England but living in Liverpool. I develop mainly in C# and ASP.Net. I have been developing comercial software for several years now. I maintain this site (hosted at SwitchMedia UK) as a way of exploring new technologies (such as AJAX) and just generally talking about techie geek issues. This site is developed through a host of Perl scripts and a liberal use of Javascript. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and anything that I make I host here.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Google Adsense in the UK

If like me you live in the UK and you also have a Google Adsense account, keep the money in the account until the $/£ exchange rate comes down a bit.  I got my first payment from Google and the money I got for it was pitiful (especially considering it took me a year to get up to the limit).

Aditionally, I also belive if you are an advertiser in the UK you are also getting done by, 1p > 1c by almost twice as much.  Therefore unless Google opperate an exchange rate program where my advertising gets a higher prominence than the equivilant "centage" advert then us UK advertisers are getting a raw deal.

So for now I have suspended my adverts that I sell and I am going to keep the money in the Google account for longer if I ever recieve another payment.

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