Privacy Statement

30th October 2005

Glossary of Terms

Client: The person/company or individual using the DeliTag software on any site hosted in the domain.

Owner: Paul Kinlan, developer of the software unless specified elsewhere.

Application: DeliTag

DeliTag: The application that the client interacts with. An application provider that categorizes information based on user collection tag information about a web resource.

External Applications: and web services.


Statement of Purpose

This privacy document is designed to let the users of DeliTag know and understand what data is processed and what personal data if any is processed and stored by the Owner and other external systems.

This document cannot be considered to be Legally binding, but it should be used as a guide. At no point does the Owner intend to alter the any of the privacy requirements of the Application set out in this document. Any alterations to the Application will be made completely visible by the Owner. is a user credential secured system, it is assumed that the to get the user credentials the user has read and understood any terms and conditions and the user understands their rights with regards to their data stored by


Summary of Privacy Statement

Data Stored by the Owner about the Client: None

Data Processed by the Application for use of the Application: Owners Website data.

Data Requested by the Application about the Client: Username and Password

Data Processed by the Application about the Client: None [except for passing directly to]

Data Processed by the External Applications: Username and Password; Owners Website data; Tag based Category information.


Privacy Statement

The Application used by the Client processes data (via services on the Owners system and the services) that is supplied by the Owner. The Client will then select relevant information about the Owner's data and upload the information to using the Clients username and password.

At no point in the process is the Application (other than on the constructing relevant http requests) processing, manipulating or storing the users credentials. The Owner will not process or at anytime handle the Clients credentials. If in the future extra requirements arise, it is the Owners prerogative to make the system handle the Clients credentials via such methods as proxying Http request or using cookies or any other method that is needed. The Owner will not however store for later use or any other purpose (such as Marketing, Client Usage Statistic etc) the Clients preferences, passwords and other information that may be considered to relate to the Client.

Only the Owners data is passed through to the external ( systems, it is assumed that the data is processed in a fashion that may be used via Yahoo's services to increases their understanding of the usage patterns of users of their systems and any other services. The data at this point is still the Owners data and in no way does the Client pass any personally identifiable information to

By the Client providing their credentials it is assumed that the client has a full understanding of how processes data that is uploaded and consumed.

At no point are any secure connections used (https or otherwise) because the external systems do not provide secure connections for authentication either. The Owner does not intent to provide any means of securing a connection between either the Owner or Third Party software. It is assumed that the Client understands that software may exist in the connections between the Clients systems and that might interfere with their rights and privileges, but at no time is the Owner responsible for this nor does the Owner interfere with their rights.


Required Data

Website Textual Content:
Owner: Paul Kinlan
Purpose of the use of data: To determine what tags will be used to indicate what the selected text or document on the domain of
Processors of Information: Owner and
Summary: The data that is processed is owned by the Owner [see Glossary]. At this point the Client is indicating that they wish to see how the Owners data is categorised. The results of this are process by the user and handled later.

Generated Tag Information
Owner: Paul Kinlan
Purpose of the use of data: The Client will select the relevant tags that the Client determines relate to the Owners Data, up until the point of passing the data to the data is still the Owners and in no way identifies or infringes on the Clients privacy. Once the data is passed to it assumed that either the client owns the data or owns the data. It is further assumed that the User understands the implications of processing this information. Username and Password:
Owner: Client
Storage Requirements: None.
Processing: None, not processed by system. Passed directly to
Processors of Information: Delicious.


Contact Information

Paul Kinlan: